Community Business Australia | Our People
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Our People

CBA Staff-Patrick at desk

Patrick Herd

With 25 years experience working in and consulting for the education, training, and community-care industries, Patrick specialises in workshop facilitation; board, manager, and executive recruitment and coaching; and organisational review.

Ten years in senior management positions at community organisations and a wealth of experience consulting in disability and aged care, training, hospitality, and tourism has left Patrick with a thorough understanding of how to balance customer expectations, contract compliance, and stakeholder demands. This, combined with his practical experience helping businesses through periods of cultural and industrial change, means Patrick’s skill set is indispensable to clients across a range of industries.

Ingrid Kemp

Ingrid has specialised in human resources for the past 10 years. Over this time, she has held senior positions at a number of training, legal services, adult education and community service organisations.

Specialising in recruitment, appraisal, performance management, training, and senior staff coaching, she works closely with board members and chief executives to deliver appropriate solutions and help organisations manage complex periods of change.

A thorough understanding of business practices, an emphasis on stakeholder engagement, and the know-how to develop policies and procedures in-line with organisational requirements mean Ingrid can provide quality solutions for clients across the board.

Ingrid Kemp
Duncan Herd

Duncan Herd

Duncan Herd plays key role at Community Business Australia by working closely with clients in coordinating the ongoing projects whilst planning workshops and meetings. His key responsibilities include developing business documents, strategic plans and project reports. He supports CBA specialist consultants through research analysis, data and information.

Mairin Longmore

Mairin helps clients create and implement platforms for delivering effective, consistent, high-quality documents for internal and external use.

A well-established publishing professional, Mairin’s specialties include style guide development, technical and promotional document composition and corporate stationery design and standardisation.

CBA Staff-Mairin