Our Support Team

The team behind the scenes

While Community Business Australia’s cohort of expert business consultants help our clients successfully navigate challenging scenarios, a vital team behind the scenes keep the wheels turning – seamlessly, consistently and efficiently.

Millie Starkey

Project Coodinator


Millie plays a key role at Community Business Australia by working closely with clients in coordinating the ongoing projects whilst planning workshops and meetings.

Her key responsibilities include developing business documents, strategic plans and project reports. She supports CBA specialist consultants through research analysis, data and information.

Sue Herd

Office Manager

Sue Herd wears many hats at CBA.

She oversees general office operations, is responsible for our finances, IT and coordinates all travel requirements for our consultants.  Sue is also responsible for the planning and execution of our business events, from forums with our partners, our social functions and inhouse catering.

Mairin Longmore

Publishing Consultant


Mairin helps clients create and implement platforms for delivering effective, consistent, high-quality documents for internal and external use.

A well-established publishing professional, Mairin’s specialties include style guide development, technical and promotional document composition and corporate stationery design and standardisation

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