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Opportunities, threats and working together

When a merger is imminent, the organisation’s board, management and staff are faced with the natural barrier of struggling through power, politics and personalities. The adoption or rejection of “our way, our brand, our systems” becomes the focus, instead of what’s best practice for the merger process and the future of the new organisation.

Community Business Australia can help guide you through this process.

Our approach ensures all parties understand the big picture. It helps determine the strategic direction and adds clarity to the board’s new governance roles and responsibilities.

We can help put in place agreements to follow the merger process and engage your people in the process to plan your future.

CBA Principal Consultant, Patrick Herd
talks about organisations joining together

Meet our Merger Specialist

Patrick Herd

Principal Consultant

With 30 years experience working in and consulting for the education, training, and community-care industries, Patrick specialises in workshop facilitation; board, manager, and executive recruitment and coaching; and organisational review.

Ten years in senior management positions at community organisations and a wealth of experience consulting in disability, aged care, training, hospitality, and education has left Patrick with a thorough understanding of how to balance customer expectations, contract compliance, and stakeholder demands. This, combined with his practical experience helping businesses through periods of cultural and industrial change, means Patrick’s skill set is indispensable to clients across a range of industries.

Like to know more about mergers, partnerships and alliances?

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    Our partnership with Community Business Australia over a number of years has assisted Crowley’s Board and Management in developing our governance processes and systems. In Crowley’s numerous partnerships and connections with external organisations, our governance culture has been acknowledged as being closely aligned to best practice, giving us great confidence that we have the tools to reach our organisational goals.

    Michael Penhey – CEO, Crowley Care Services

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