April 2022 update with Patrick Herd

Rain, COVID, more rain… and floods. Not once but twice! Could the start of 2022 thrown anymore challenges at us?

It’s fair to the say the world we live in now is a far cry to how we remember it a few years ago but we still need to find ways to plough ahead.

As always, rational strategic thinking, good management and good planning are the cornerstones of success. In this video, Patrick touches on some shining examples which prove there can always be light at the end of a tunnel.

Please take the time to view Patrick’s video, and be sure to contact us should any of the concepts discussed pique your interest.

If the first quarter of the year is any indication, and an election looming, 2022 could be full of twists and turns.

Rest assured the experienced team at CBA is here ready, and willing, to help you move forward.





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