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The five Vs for creating social media content

Social Media has become an essential part of many organisations’ marketing strategies. In the Community and NfP Sectors in particular, adopting social platforms for reaching audiences has become a no-brainer. For good reason; they’re accessible, they’re affordable, and they’re relatively easy.

What’s more, if you look at Facebook alone, you’ll discover there are more than 15 million active Australians using this platform every day. That’s about 60% of the population!

However over time, people have become more selective about the content they digest. So how can you improve the chances of your content cutting through and engaging with your audience? Authenticity is the key. And in the world of social media, authenticity starts with a capital V.

Here’s five Vs to help tell your brand story:


Don’t be afraid to remind your audience why you are here. Chances are, key people in your organisation sat down and wrote a vision statement to explain why your organisation exists. It was important then… and it’s as relevant and important now. Share it.


Whenever you post on your organisation’s page remember to speak in your brand’s voice, not your own. Before you start posting, be sure to define exactly what your organisation’s voice is… and be consistent in the way you express it.


What do you bring to the table? What do you give your community. Is it hope? Is it reassurance? Is it security?  What ever it is, don’t just say it, demonstrate it.


It’s the spice of life and it’s a refreshing way to add flavour to your post. Mix it up. Alternate between videos, surveys, tips and relevant shares to other peoples’ posts. Having a swag of post types in your arsenal will help you create regular content, and, it will help keep your followers engaged.


Nobody’s perfect. What’s more, in the online world, nobody wants to hear anyone gloat 24/7. It’s human to make mistakes or miss a target. And if it’s human, it’s authentic. Don’t be afraid share your vulnerabilities.


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